Norman R. Bobins  

Norman R. Bobins
Chief Executive of Norman Bobins Consulting, LLC
Director since 2011

Norman R. Bobins was named president and chief executive officer of Norman Bobins Consulting LLC in 2008. He is responsible for providing financial consulting to various clients. Prior to founding Norman Bobins Consulting in 2008, Mr. Bobins spent 40 years in banking. He began his career at American National Bank and Trust Company in 1967. In 1981, he joined Exchange National Bank, which was later acquired by LaSalle Bank. He retired from LaSalle Bank Corporation as chairman, president and chief executive officer in 2007.

Mr. Bobins currently serves as the non-executive chairman of The PrivateBank and Trust Company and as non-executive chairman of the board of Transco Inc. He is the Chairman of the RREEF America REIT II, Inc. board of directors. Mr. Bobins also serves on the corporate boards of AAR CORP., Private Bancorp, Inc. and Aviv REIT, Inc.

Mr. Bobins, 72, has been a director of AGL Resources since December 2011. He was a director of Nicor Inc. from 2007 to 2011.