Item 1.  Business

Nature of Our Business

Unless the context requires otherwise, references to "we," "us," "our," the "company" and "AGL Resources" are intended to mean consolidated AGL Resources Inc. and its subsidiaries.

We are an energy services holding company whose principal business is the distribution of natural gas in six states - Florida, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, Tennessee and Virginia. We generate nearly all our operating revenues through the sale, distribution, transportation and storage of natural gas. Our six utilities serve more than 2.2 million end-use customers, making us the largest distributor of natural gas in the southeastern and mid-Atlantic regions of the United States based on customer count. We are involved in several related and complementary businesses, including retail natural gas marketing to end-use customers primarily in Georgia; natural gas asset management and related logistics activities for each of our utilities as well as for nonaffiliated companies; natural gas storage arbitrage and related activities; and the development and operation of high-deliverability natural gas storage assets. We also own and operate a small telecommunications business that constructs and operates conduit and fiber infrastructure within select metropolitan areas.

We manage these businesses through four operating segments and a nonoperating corporate segment. Each operating segment's percentage contribution to the total operating EBIT for the last three years is indicated in the following chart.

Over the last three years, on average, we have derived approximately 85% of our EBIT from our regulated natural gas distribution business and the sale of natural gas to end-use customers primarily in Georgia through SouthStar. This statistic is significant because it represents the portion of our earnings that directly results from the underlying business of supplying natural gas to retail customers. SouthStar, which is subject to a different regulatory framework from our utilities, is an integral part of the retail framework for providing natural gas service to end-use customers in Georgia.

We derived the remaining percentage (15% or less for the last three years) of our EBIT principally from businesses that are complementary to our natural gas distribution business. We engage in natural gas asset management and the operation of high-deliverability natural gas underground storage as ancillary activities to our utility franchises. These businesses allow us to be opportunistic in capturing incremental value at the wholesale level and provide us with deepened business insight about natural gas market dynamics. Given the volatile and changing nature of the natural gas resource base in North America and globally, we believe that participation in these related businesses strengthens our business.

Operating revenues, operating margin, operating expenses and EBIT for each of our segments are presented in the following table for 2007, 2006 and 2005.