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Compensation and Benefits

Drug-Free Workplace and United States Department of Transportation Drug and Alcohol Testing Regulations

Southern Company Gas and its subsidiaries are committed to the safety of their employees and the public. The misuse, legal and illegal, of alcohol or drugs, while on Company premises or business interferes with a safe, healthy and productive work environment and therefore is prohibited. The Company will comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, and the United States Department of Transportation’s (DOT) drug and alcohol testing regulations.

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Employment Compliance

Individuals applying for a position at Southern Company Gas, as well as employees of Southern Company Gas, are protected under federal law from discrimination. The National Labor Relations Act guarantees employees certain rights and places obligations on both employers and unions. For further information, please click on the following links:

Reasonable Accommodations

Southern Company Gas is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities, both in the employment and interview process, consistent with legal requirements. If you need a reasonable accommodation while seeking employment, please email or call 404.584.3899. We will make a determination on your request for reasonable accommodation on a case by case basis. Messages or emails for any reason other than accommodation requests will not be returned.

SHARE Program

SHARE (Supporting Helpful Alternative Resolutions for Employees) is a comprehensive dispute resolution program designed to resolve workplace issues in a simple, fair, amicable and economical way. It consists of four steps that are meant to be followed sequentially: open door, the SHARE Office, mediation and arbitration. All job applicants and new hires are covered by the SHARE Program. Please read the SHARE Program Guidebook for complete information about the program and to ensure that you understand how it works for you.



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